USB MCU 应用说明

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Migration from OTP 8051 to Flash 8051 2016-04-13
Migration from AT89C51RD2/ED2/ID2 to AT89C51RE2 2016-04-12
Migration from AT89C5131 & AT89C5131A-L to AT89C5131A-M 2016-04-12
Migrating from Philips: P89C51RB2, P89C51RC2, P89C51RD2, P89C660, P89C662, P89C664 to Atmel: AT89C5 2016-04-12
Migrating from Philips P89LPC913 to Atmel AT89LP214 2016-04-12
Migrating from AT89S8252/S53 to AT89S8253 2016-04-12
Migrating from AT89S52 to AT89LP52 2016-04-11
Migrating from AT89C51/C52 to AT89S51/S52 2016-04-11
Migrating from AT89C2051/C4051 to AT89S2051/S4051 2016-04-11
Migrating from AT89C2051/C4051 to AT89LP2052/LP4052 2016-04-11
Linux USB Mass Storage Support for AT8xC51SNDx 2016-04-11
Interfacing the Internal Serial EEPROM Stacked into the AT89EB5114 2016-04-11
How To Migrate Code from AT89C5130-31 to AT83C5135-36 2016-04-11
How to Connect C51 Microcontroller to ATR2406 2016-04-08
High Speed USB Design Guidelines for AT85C51SND3 2016-04-08
Generic USB Mass Storage Device Implementation 2016-04-08
Flash API for AT89C51RE2 Flash API for AT89C51RE2 2016-04-08
Emulating EEPROM Using AT89LP On-Chip Flash Data Memory 2016-04-08
Design Guide for Atmel 8051 Standard Devices 2016-04-07
C51 General Information about Bootloader and In-System Programming 2016-04-07
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